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SMC >>> Management
Board of Directors and Staff

The volunteer board of directors is made up of 9 professionals, each appointed by the local church presbytery. The board chairperson is Rev. Dr. Atef M. Gendy, PhD. 

The Centre also benefits greatly from the services of a number of doctors, each of whom are involved in full- time practice in other settings. They each generously donate a few hours per week to the clinic, charging patients only a small percentage of the fees that they would charge in their full-time practice. 

In addition, the Centre also has some full-time paid personnel - highly-qualified Christian and Muslim women and men - in addition to our countless volunteers. We are extremely grateful to all of our stafff and volunteers for their invaluable contributions.

SMC was designed to promote inter-religious peacebuilding and positive relationships between Muslims and Christians, while also providing subsidized or free health care to rural and low-income Egyptians. Both Muslims and Christians are represented among the staff and patients, and the harmony found as stafff, volunteers and patients from diverse backgrounds work together to achieve a common goal is one of the primary reasons the Centre exists. We are always looking for new ways to build bridges, develop relationships and extend our peacebuilding mandate into new and diverse sectors.

Staff and volunteers at the Center are working to create peace, alleviate poverty and improve health in Egypt. They come from all sectors of society to work at the Centre and welcome your support and contributions.

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Sustainable Financial System

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Income for the Center comes primarily from three sources: donations, patient fees and private contracts with businesses (as part of their employee care package). Donations generally go towards funding major equipment purchases and expansion. Income from patient fees and business contracts cover the cost of subsidizing care for patients who require financial assistance. All patients are charged on a sliding scale. Fees are either partially or completely subsidized, as needed, to ensure that no patient is denied medical care for financial reasons. In the last ten years, the Center has expanded considerably, with building projects and the acquisition of diagnostic tools and improved treatment options. 

Founder and CEO

Dr. Freddy Elbaiady has been an integral part of the Center since it began in 1996. He remains heavily involved in day-to-day life of of the clinic, both in a technical capacity in the radiology department, as well as in his role as CEO. He has very strong technical skills, immense dedication to the community (as well as the country and region) and an unwavering commitment to peacebuilding. It is his vision and unshakeable belief in peacebuilding that has made SMC what it is today. He has built a very strong foundation over the last 20 years, and has a clear vision for further growth and expansion.

Following the completion of his specialization in radiology at Ain Shams University and Cairo University, Dr. Elbaiady completed his fellowship at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, England. He has also worked in Hoorn, Netherlands. His knowledge of diagnostic tools in radiology is extensive, and he has applied his skills to several fields of medicine, including obstetrics and internal medicine. Dr. Elbaiady is deeply committed to using the Centre to improve the health and well-being of some of Egypt’s poorest people.

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