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SMC invites your support in a variety of ways, and always welcomes a variety of contributions and donations. Some of our current and ongoing needs include:
- financial support (donate online to receive a US or Canadian donation receipt), to help cover cost of services for patients, staff salaries, capital projects and other needs. With the current fluctuation in the value of the Egyptian pound, our financial needs are even greater than they were before.
- administrative support to help with IT and other needs that arise. If you have IT, web design, communications, project proposal writing or other skills, we would appreciate your expertise. As a volunteer-dependent organization, we count on many volunteer hours to help keep the organization running. With your support, we can accomplish great things!
- donations of medical supplies, equipment etc. Please speak with SMC to determine more specifically which items are most needed. - general support. Please spread the word, find us on social media and join us as we work together to bring peace and well-being to the community and beyond.
Financial support for ante-natal care program including supporting the service for 250 poor patients checkups , ultrasound scanning and delivery expenses 41250
Hiring 3 more nurses per year 8500
Telephone system and nurses calling system 7000
New furniture for the whole center as the old furniture has wornout over 17 years 12500
partially funding 5 doctors in certain specialties scarce of volunteers. These 5 doctors will accept minimum financial contribution of 5,600 each annually for their time. 28000
Hiring 3 more cleaners for one year 6200
Building a new floor to expand the center beds from 14 to 24 and accommodate more patients 42000
furnishing a new floor to expand the center beds from 14 to 24 and accommodate more patients 76200
Mammography Machine for screening the major problem of breast cancer diagnosis. 82500
C.T. scan for supplying the needed service and income generation. 283486
Electricity Generator for the whole center due to the recently repeated power failure (The Generator is now bought already but we have to payback a loan of 7,000 $) 25500
new operations room to accommodate the increasing need for surgeries and facilitate nurses training program 47500
EEG and EMG machines for a needed neurology department 19589
Medications and medical supplies 19589
Gastric digital endoscope 34600
MRI scan for helping in cancer breast diagnosis program and be an income generation source 949000
3 computer systems: for accounting and the reception area 3109
Doctors and nurses and administration training courses 4500
Tracts and publications for health awareness 5000